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About me

It's important to knit for your tea so it stays warm.

Have you ever walked into a lovely cosy little cafe and smelled the aroma of fresh coffee? You walk up to the counter and admire the cakes and see the happy smiles of all the coffee drinkers. It’s a good feeling. You order tea. It costs as much as a cappuccino and consists of a Tetley teabag dumped in the bottom of a tiny cup. Milk comes in tiny plastic pots and tea spoons are mythical. Sound familiar?

I don’t hate coffee, I like coffee, I drink it sometimes (often when there’s no good tea to be had). Tea though, is what helps make my world go round. Tea is what I want when I head out to a cafe. This blog was intended to be about where to find the best tea, but it’s been so hard to find that it’s now about my quest for the good stuff. I have reviewed the chains as well as the independents as sometimes that’s all that’s open early in the morning (I do tend to be cafe hunting before 8am). You can see from the reviews that the big chains make the worst tea, so I’d advise you to stick to the independents. Something else to note is that the dates of the blog posts are not the dates I posted, but are the dates that I visited the place reviewed.

I try to find different places to drink tea wherever I go and have a theory that if you’re in a new place and need to find tea quickly you should head to the local public library as tea places seem to congregate around them.

There’s not much else to say, really. Most of my spare time is spent writing, drinking tea and knitting. This blog is where I write about the tea and I write about the knitting along with lots of other lovely people over at the wonderful Outcasts blog.

If you have any suggestions for tea places to try, please let me know! I’ll try them out and then stick them up on here. I need your help!

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7 thoughts on “About me

  1. i love coffee! he he.

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  5. That’s an interesting point about the libraries, I’ve never thought of it before. Some libraries even contain cafes, such as the main one in Perth, and it’s really good – excellent Fairtrade tea! (And smashing big scones to go with it.)

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