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Cafe hamngatan

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Göteborgs Stadtmuseum, Norra Hamngatan 12, 411 14 Göteborg, Sweden

Tea and a view of the river and a tram at Cafe hamngatan

Tea and a view of the river and a tram at Cafe hamngatan

I was heading to the art museum when I walked past the city museum and saw a guy drinking a coffee on the outside tables in the bright sunshine. It looked inviting. I went into the museum and went round it as it looked interesting, but only briefly. One of the best things about being an adult is looking round a gallery or museum and only looking at what you want to look at, without having to fill out any worksheets!

I paid for my tea and then helped myself to a mug and saucer and hot water. I think the mug and saucer were intended for coffee as next to the hot water were glasses, but I was feeling rebellious. Among the many pots of loose leaf tea I found one called ‘Dream lovers tea’ and popped that into my tea spoon egg thing. It was black tea with flowers and very refreshing.

The cafe was light and airy but I went outside to the tables on the pavement as the sunshine was so bright. It was a Sunday morning when I went here and very quiet in the cafe and on the road outside.

Teapot? No.
Leaf tea? Yes, in one of those egg things.
Milk jug? No milk with this tea.
Price? 22 krona.
Cake? Yes and pastries and things.
Go again? Yes.

Author: tealeaves

I like tea and if possible, I'd like it to be loose leaf rooibos in a pot served with milk in a little jug. I'll try and find the places that do this and I'll tell you what they're like. Let me know if you can think of any cafes I haven't covered, I'll get to them if I can.

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