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Åhléns City

Ahlens City, Nordstan Shopping Centre, Göteborg

Tea and pie and vanilla sauce at Ahlens City

Tea and pie and vanilla sauce at Åhléns City

I’d just arrived in Göteborg (Gothenburg) and was very tired from the day before, I needed some tea. The bus station led into a shopping centre and this is where I looked for tea. I tried the first place that looked like it might have a good selection: Åhléns City. This is a big department store that has many floors and a supermarket in the basement. The cafe looked like a bar more than a cafe and had a narrow selection of tea and cake, I think probably because it was almost lunchtime. I sat on the balcony as it was lighter and took a photo looking over the shopping centre but you can’t really see the scale of it.

I chose a pie tart thing with berries and they offered it hot with vanilla sauce which I accepted. Vanilla sauce is a strange thing, when I asked the people we were staying with they said it was custard, but it’s not custard. Not as we understand it anyway. It tasted like whipped melted ice cream and I loved it. It went perfectly with the tart flavour of the berries.

The tea was normal European tea, in a glass in a tea egg thing. I missed milk and strong black tea.

Teapot? No.
Leaf tea? Yes, in one of those egg things.
Milk jug? No milk with this tea.
Price? Tea and pie came to 45 krona.
Cake? Some.
Go again? No.