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Boswells Cafe

This morning I went to Boswells. It’s in the Kennet Centre and is usually pretty busy, but I went first thing in the morning and it was just right. It’s had a refurb since the last time I went in and now has armchairs and sofas as well as tables and chairs. The refurb is a bit generic, I could have been in Nero or Starbucks or Costa, but perhaps that’s what they’re aiming for and they are a chain after all.

I had the pot of tea (which is bizarrely cheaper than the mug of tea) and it was good. Just what was needed at 8am. This is a great place to go for a standard pot of tea and has the added bonus of having a loyalty card and selling toast and marmalade.

Teapot? Yes, little metal one that I can’t pour properly.
Leaf tea? No.
Milk jug? Yes, with a generous helping of milk inside.
Price? £1.20 for a pot.
Cake? Danish pastries and breakfasts, not sure if they have cake later on.
Go again? Yes, this is set to be my regular morning cafe.