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Ginger Two

28 St Thomas Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9HJ

Cream tea at Ginger Two

Cream tea at Ginger Two

An excellent name for a shop, it appeals to me no end but I have no idea why. It was advertised on a bicycle propped up in the street next to it and I steered us there without hesitation. Ginger Two is a cafe with a stylish home furnishing shop attached. The cafe was light and airy and had lots of cake on display, but on closer inspection it was made by another company which made me a bit sad. We had cream tea (shown here in this bizarrely soft focus photo, not sure how I did that, apologies) and it was a good end to a lovely day.

The only slightly jarring thing was that they had a lovely big teapot and little milk jugs and even a saucer thing for the teabag, but they had a teabag! I like teapigs teabags but I appreciate them when somewhere hasn’t got teapots so a teapig is the next best thing. Why do places have posh teabags and teapots? They obviously care enough to have good tea, but not enough to let it be loose leaf. Weird.

Teapot? Yes, nice big china one.
Leaf tea? No, but posh teabag. See rant above.
Milk jug? Yes, two mini ones.
Price? £1.75 each I think.
Cake? Yes and scones and ice cream and coffee.
Go again? No, want to explore some of the other places in Winchester first.