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The strange case of the dodgy jammy dodger

I’d purchased a ‘tea time selection’ pack of biscuits a few days previously and had decanted the pack into an airtight tub to keep the freshness in. I was happily sitting on the sofa and enjoying a cup of tea when I felt the need for a biscuit. After retrieving the tub from the kitchen I opened it up and selected a jammy dodger. It looked fine at first glance, but just felt a bit wrong. There was something not quite right that I couldn’t put my finger on. Then I realised – it was inside out.

Hastily, I pulled out another jammy dodger and confirmed my fears – that I had a jammy dodger that had been stuck together with the right sides facing inwards. I showed it to R, then photographed it so I could put it on here and share the wonderment, and then ate it. After all, an inside out jammy dodger is still a jammy dodger. And they do taste mighty good.

Normal jammy dodger on the left, shockingly inside out jammy dodger on the right.