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Case Histories

No, they haven’t opened a tea room in honour of the Kate Atkinson novel, this is just a post about tea and the series of Kate Atkinson novels featuring Jackson Brodie. Ever since reading the latest in the series Started Early, Took My Dog and reading that Jackson Brodie was taking tea in Bettys, I’ve meant to put something on here about the tea in the novels. A sort of celeb spotting for fans of places to drink tea.

The nudge that I needed to post this was watching the first episode in the BBC adaptation of the novels last night. During the episode Jackson did indeed have some tea in a plant filled tea room with columns that looked like somewhere I need to go. If I remember rightly, the novel is set in Cambridge and the BBC drama last night was in Edinburgh, so no chance in finding the location in the book. Did anyone recognise it?

The second episode is on tonight, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any future tea venues.