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The Great Comic Relief Bake Off

I missed The Great Comic Relief Bake Off when it was on TV but thankfully it was my work Christmas meal last night lots of colleagues were talking about it. Some people weren’t making any sense as they were laughing too much, so I thought I’d check it out on iPlayer. I’m halfway through the first episode and already I’ve learnt some very important things:

  • Paul Hollywood’s nickname for Mary Berry is ‘Bezza’
  • We have the same kitchen timer that they use on the programme
  • If puff pastry catches fire in the oven don’t use a fire blanket to put it out

Well worth watching.


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All hail Mary Berry

Mary Berry is one of the best cookery writers and I’ve been using her recipes to make cakes for years. Her Baking Bible is definitely one to buy if you like baking and includes instructions for making scones and sandwiches in bulk for when you’re serving afternoon tea. I’ve never served afternoon tea, but it’s reassuring to know that when I need to I can follow the recipes she has laid down for me. I find that not many people have heard of her but this could all be about to change as she will be on BBC2 at 8pm tonight!

The Great British Bake Off is like the X-factor for baking, with home bakers competing to impress the judges. The judges are Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Last week the contestants made biscuits and treats suitable for afternoon tea. Here‘s an interview with Mary Berry about being a judge.

She also has a range of dressings and just to celebrate the Mary Berry-ness of the day, R will be cooking chicken with her All Seasons Sauce this evening. All hail Mary Berry!