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Cafe, Morrisons Supermarket, Reading

Rose Kiln Lane, Off Basingstoke Road, Reading, RG2 0HB   (View on map)

Yoghurt, tea and plastic teaspoons at Morrisons Cafe

I went to this Morrisons cafe just before lunch time on a Monday and it was already half full with people eating their lunch. I knew I had lunch I needed to eat at home so bravely walked past all the cakes and pastries and picked a yoghurt instead.

The first tea pot I picked up had no teabag in it, the second had a wet teabag in it, but it was third time lucky for me as the third one I picked up had a dry teabag inside. It’s a self service type cafe so I filled the pot with water myself, grabbed my cup and saucer, paid, then got some milk pots (grr) and made my way to a table.

The tea tasted metallic and really wasn’t very nice, but then it was only 89p so I suppose that’s why. Or maybe it was because the water came from a machine? Who knows.

Teapot? Yes, metal one.
Leaf tea? No, ‘Red label’ teabag.
Milk jug? No, the evil little plastic pots.
Price? 89p for tea, 75p for a Muller Light.
Cake? Yes and sandwiches, main meals, pastries, chocolate, scones…
Go again? I want to say no, but I always seem to end up needing some tea in this area of Reading and there isn’t really anywhere else to go. So I’ll say yes, I’ll go again, but only because I have to (and I’ll try to remember not to order the tea).