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Röhsska Museet cafe

Vasagatan 37-39, Göteborg, Sweden

Tea at the cafe in the Rohsska Museet

Tea at the cafe in the Rohsska Museet

My favourite museum in the whole world (bearing in mind that I haven’t visited many outside of England) is the V&A museum in London. It’s a museum of design and has a wide range of collections from hats to wrought iron. When I read in my tourist information booklet that there was a design museum in Göteborg I had to go visit.

The Röhsska Museet had some things in English and one of the first things the English stuff said was that it was modelled on the V&A. I felt at home right away. It’s a great museum and if you’re ever in Göteborg you should go.

The tea was hot and in a glass again, with a tea egg thing. The cafe was long and large with wallpaper hung from the ceiling and pop art with two faces on that I don’t know but that were on books and magazines while I was in Sweden. A prize for anyone that can tell me!

Teapot? No.
Leaf tea? Yes, in one of those egg things.
Milk jug? No milk with this tea.
Price? 22 krona.
Cake? Not that much but some.
Go again? Yes.