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Happy Birthday Tea for you and me!

The range of cakes at Angel food bakery

Ah, it was two years ago that I sat in Cafe Nero and thought, ‘This is rubbish, something must be done’ and the idea for this blog was born.

In that time I’ve clocked up over 100 reviews and sampled tea in five different countries. It’s had over 4,000 visits and the most read review has been Angel food bakery.

I’d love to mark the occasion by finding some new gem of a tea provider, anyone got any suggestions?

Happy Birthday Tea for you and me!

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Cafe Nero revisited

I’ve previously complained about the rubbish quality of Cafe Nero tea, but this is an extra post just to underline that I’m not the only one. I was drinking tea in Nero’s and Y asked how I could stand it, as it didn’t taste of anything. She said she’d complained last time she was in there. I thought ‘Complain! That’s a  bit strong’ and then I thought, hang on, why not? It tastes of nothing! Everyone else I was at the table with tasted it and agreed it didn’t taste like tea at all, though it looked like tea.

Y marched off with my mug and complained to the barista. They apologised but said it was the house blend and most people liked it, however they offered me a free drink instead. I picked hot chocolate.

It occurs to me that we need to be braver about complaining about rubbish tea! Stand up for proper tea!

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Cafe Nero, Newbury

Today was not a good day for tea. There was tea, but it wasn’t good tea. I got to Newbury too early in the morning and ended up in Cafe Nero.

Teapot? No.
Leaf tea? No, Cafe Nero own brand English Breakfast teabag (though just to taunt me, they had boxes of Clipper tea behind the counter).
Milk jug? Yes.
Price? £1.75 for a large tea.

So, I guess it gets some sort of point for having fresh milk in a teeny jug, but still. Was not the best. I took a photo but can’t get it out of my phone… I’ll do better next time! And I’ll do better with the tea next time as well, there has to be somewhere in Newbury that opens early in the morning that serves tea in a pot. I will find it!