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Winchester Cathedral Refectory

1 The Close, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9LS

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral

We went to Winchester to see what it was like, neither of us having been before, and having heard good things about the tea and cake provision there. The day was sunny and we headed to the focal point of Winchester: the cathedral.

A man on a bicycle in a straw boater was selling ice cream next to an entrance that looked like it might lead to somewhere where we could get tea.

It was, it lead through a stone archway to a hidden refectory. The refectory building is pretty impressive in it’s own right with big glass walls and pointed roof. We were good and only had some tea though there were some scones on offer as well. A tranquil setting out of the breeze. Lovely.

On the way out of the cafe we walked past the ice cream man again and a clergyman in long robes and purple things was sitting on the wall next to him, tucking into a cornet.

Tea outside the Winchester Cathedral Refectory

Tea outside the Winchester Cathedral Refectory

Teapot? Yes, metal one.
Leaf tea? No, but it was listed as ‘Cathedral blend’.
Milk jug? Yes.
Price? £1.50ish.
Cake? Yes and scones and main meals and sandwiches and ice cream and coffee.
Go again? No, it was nothing special and there are better places to go in Winchester.