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Join me on my epic quest to find the best tea ever

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Reefside Kiosk

Boscombe Pier, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH5 1BN.

Visited on: 31st May 2016

2016-05-31 Reefside Kiosk tea

Dorset Tea from the Reefside Kiosk, Boscombe Pier. 

R and I walked from Bournemouth seafront to Boscombe Pier in the rain. It wasn’t particularly cold rain, but it was more than just drizzle and so by the time we arrived at the pier we were both in need of a cup of tea.

Ice cream with a flake, sea in the background.

Ice cream! With a flake! Next to the sea!

Reefside Kiosk is a kiosk at the entrance to Boscombe Pier. The kiosk had black tea, green tea or fruit tea, but unfortunately no rooibos or decaf. R was happy as he’s a fan of green tea and had a cup of that. I’m not a fan of fruit tea (it makes my teeth feel funny) and green tea has caffeine in. Reader, I wanted a cup of tea badly. I ordered the black tea. Then I moved across to the Reefside Ices window and ordered an ice cream (because we were at the seaside).

The tea came in a paper cup and was a Dorset Tea teabag. The milk came in little plastic pots. There was a wooden stick instead of a spoon. But wow, did that cup of tea taste good. Was it the fact it was caffeinated? Was it that it was a brand local to where we were? Was it that I drank it sat on a bench watching the rain fall on the sea but stayed dry as the benches on the pier are covered by a roof? Probably it was all of those things.

The ice cream helped too. My ice cream was Purbeck ice cream and I had a two scoops cone: one of honeycomb hash and one of chocolate. With a chocolate flake. It was very good.

Boscombe Pier, unlike Bournemouth Pier, is free to walk on and has no amusement arcades. When we were there they were installing mini golf (though this seemed a risky entertainment for a pier – how many golf balls were going to go in the sea?). There were also musical instruments that you could play and I had a go on all of them. They made lovely chiming noises.

2016-05-31 Reefside Kiosk view

The view from our bench.

We didn’t go further than the pier, but Boscombe seemed much quieter than Bournemouth. It was very peaceful sitting on the pier and looking out over the sea, listening to the waves and watching the birds. The setting makes this one of my favourite places to drink tea so far. Thanks to the lady in Bournemouth’s tourist information office for suggesting that we walked down to Boscombe pier.

2016-05-31 Reefside Kiosk

The view of the Reefside Kiosk from the road. I took this after we’d eaten, notice that the ices section has now closed for the day.

  • Teapot? No.
  • Leaf tea? No, but it was a Dorset Tea teabag and we were in Dorset.
  • Milk jug? No, little plastic pots.
  • Price? £1.60 for a cup of tea. £3.60 for two scoop ice cream and an extra 30p for the flake (worth every penny).
  • Cake? No, but there were sweet crêpes, which looked amazing. Sadly I was too full to try one when we were there.
  • Go again? Yes.


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The Rustic Tea Garden

Northcott Mouth, Bude, Cornwall

A bit of the beach at Northcott Mouth

Northcott Mouth from the clifftop

The beach at Northcott Mouth is sandy and flat and stunning. It’s good for surfing as the waves are powerful, but we swam and jumped and generally messed around in the sea and it was energising and liberating. After C demonstrated the art of the cartwheel and we listened to the mussels singing in the sunshine we collected V and headed back up to the road to The Rustic Tea Garden.

The Rustic Tea Garden

Margaret runs the small green caravan and assures me she always makes tea in a pot. The pasties come from the local bakery and if you want a place to camp by the sea then Margaret is the woman in the know. The Rustic Tea Garden is just what’s needed after a sea swim and was one of the friendliest places I’ve ever set down my mug.

Tea at The Rustic Tea Garden

Teapot? Yes.
Leaf tea? No.
Milk jug? No, came with milk.
Price? £4 for tea, a latte and a cappuccino.
Cake? Yes and cream teas.
Go again? Yes, beautiful beach and a good mug of tea.

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Le Hocq Inn

Grande Route de la Cote, St Clement, Jersey

If this wasn't so blurry, you could see the tea and the cute seashell used for spooning out the salt.

If this wasn't so blurry, you could see the tea and the cute seashell used for spooning out the salt.

I don’t have a phone number or postcode for this pub, but go find Le Hocq and then turn round and the pub is behind you. The beaches on Jersey are amazing and I would recommend going to Jersey to anyone. The milk is divine too. The Le Hocq Inn serves gastro pub style food with lovely seafood. I’d recommend the big bowl of moules.

Teapot? Yes.
Leaf tea? Teabag.
Milk jug? Yes, with the divine Jersey milk in.
Price? Not sure, about £1.50 I think.
Cake? Pudding instead.
Go again? Yes.

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The Clock Restaurant

3, 4 & 5 Sandbeck Arcade, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 3DY.

Tea at the Clock Restaurant

Tea at the Clock Restaurant

I love the seaside. Ice cream and tea and fish and chips and sand and sea and fresh air: what’s not to love? I hadn’t been to the seaside for a while and BF very kindly let me drag him to Skeggy on New Year’s eve. After a walk on the beach and a nostalgic visit to Woolworths we tracked down the most promising fish and chip restaurant.

The Clock Restaurant is a traditional fish and chip restaurant with proper tables and a view of the sea (sort of, if you look round the roundabout). They also had the fantastic invention of a winter menu, so we got fish, chips, peas, bread and butter and a huge pot of tea for £6 instead of £9 something. Yummy.

Teapot? Yes.
Leaf tea? No.
Milk jug? Yes.
Price? £6 each for big meal and tea included.
Cake? No, but pudding and ice cream instead.
Go again? Yes.