Tea for you and me

Join me on my epic quest to find the best tea ever

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Birchanger Green Motorway Services (Welcome Break Group Ltd), Junction 8, M11, Old Dunmow Road, Essex, CM23 5QZ.   (View on map)

The tea at EATIN was expensive and made with a teabag, but at least the milk didn’t come in a plastic pot. The really interesting thing about this tea stop was the triangular Toblerone pastry. I like Toblerone and although it didn’t look that great I thought I should try it for blog research purposes.

R ignored the pasty in favour of a fry up.

It’s triangular. I like triangles.

The inside of the mysterious triangle.

Unfortunately it didn’t taste that great. The pastry was very heavy and solid – as if it hadn’t been cooked properly – and there was a lump of Toblerone-style filling in the centre. It may have tasted better if it was warm. I wouldn’t recommend it but I applaud the attempt to create something new.

It is apparently the ‘UK’s first branded pastry treat’ and the photos on the supplier website look very different to the one I had – far lighter. If I see one that looks puffier I’m willing to try it again and let you know.

Teapot? No, a mug with a tea bag in.
Leaf tea? No.
Milk jug? You helped yourself to milk from a big urn thing, presumably designed so people could add milk to cereal as well.
Price? £3.15 for the tea and the pastry (as I had the tea-and-any-pastry-for-£3.15 deal). £2.15 for tea and £1.99 for the pastry if you don’t get the deal.
Cake? Yes, normal muffins and pastries.
Go again? Not by choice, but then service stations are more about location that provision and so I may end up here again at some point.