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The Stables Cafe

Village Life, Old Shire Horse Centre, Bath Road (A4), Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3QA

Tea and cake at The Stables Cafe

I’d driven past Village Life a couple of times before it clicked that it wasn’t an advert for a way of living but actually a collection of shops calling itself Village Life. It’s a strange idea of village life as the shops there wouldn’t be very useful in a village, for example: a gift shop, an expensive craft shop, a shop selling only Christmas decorations. The cafe was the only place with any people in it when I went and it had a selection of food and cake on offer. The cake was a nice fruit cake and the tea was hot. It’s a useful place to stop if you’re on the A4 and need a break and a cup of tea. The petting farm might be worth a visit if you have children but otherwise the other attractions don’t hold much attraction.

Teapot? Yes.
Leaf tea? No.
Milk jug? Yes.
Price? £1.60 for tea and £2.75 for cake.
Cake? Yes.
Go again? No.

It also offers a discount if you’re a Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Advantage card holder.