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Thorntons Cafe, Altrincham

61 George Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 1RN

Tea and rich chocolate gateaux at Thorntons Cafe

Tea and rich chocolate gateaux at Thorntons Cafe

As you probably know, Thorntons is a chain of chocolate shops. I had heard tell that there were some shops that had cafes in, but I’d never seen one, until now. M and I were in Altrincham by mistake: we got lost and decided to stop for a cup of tea and a wander before trying to set off again. We also checked a map in Waterstones to find out where to go. Anyway, we were looking for somewhere for a cup of tea and when I saw this Thortons cafe I jumped at the chance to try it out. We ordered a pot of tea for two and a piece of rich chocolate gateaux.

Thorntons don’t give you a biscuit with your tea or coffee, they give you a a chocolate, which seems a much better idea to me. The cake we had was stunningly rich and that was just what we needed.

Teapot? Yes.
Leaf tea? Tea bags.
Milk jug? A little jug each.
Price? £1.65 each for tea.
Cake? Any kind, as long as it’s chocolate.
Go again? Yes.