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Heston’s hot cross buns

The posh packet for Heston's hot cross buns.

The TV adverts for these seem to be everywhere at the moment and I found the idea of them intriguing. S came to visit and we decided that as Heston’s hot cross buns have ‘Earl Grey tea-soaked fruits’ in them it counted as research for the blog, rather than hot cross bun indulgence. We were a bit put off by the £1.59 price tag for only two hot cross buns but went ahead anyway.

The buns are higher and more solid than normal hot cross buns (by normal I mean bought hot cross buns, I’ve never made any) – the texture reminded me of brioche. They smelt good before we toasted them under the grill and smelt even better after we toasted them. The fruit was plump and the bun soft, I’m not sure I could taste the tea but they did taste of citrus. S and R both said they tasted like teacake rather than hot cross bun. I think the bun was sweeter than a teacake and that a plumped up hot cross bun would be a better description – plumped up bun and plumped up fruit.

One of Heston's buns after toasting and buttering.

All in all, a good hot cross bun. There’s time for lots more hot cross buns before we reach Easter but I can’t afford for them all to be the Heston version. Having said that, I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get one more before Easter, so will be buying them again at some point.

It’s also reminded me that I haven’t seen any hot cross buns in any cafes yet this year. Anyone spotted any yet?

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Waitrose Cafe, Newbury

Oxford Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1NB   (View on map)

Bear claw, pot of Earl Grey tea and Waitrose chocolate at Waitrose Cafe in Newbury

This Waitrose has a cafe and it serves proper pots of tea and some scrummy cake. I had a pot of Earl Grey tea and a Danish Fruit Bear Claw. All hot drinks come with a little Waitrose chocolate as well. I chose the Bear Claw as I’d heard it mentioned on American TV sitcoms and drama and wasn’t sure what it was. It appears to be named after the shape of the pastry, which sort of looks like a bear’s claw. If only they sold Twinkies and had Chinese takeaway in the little white cardboard pots, then my American food curiosity would be satisfied. It stays open almost as late as the store so can be a good place to go for a pot of tea with free parking and toilets when the other cafes in Newbury are closed.

Teapot? Yes.
Leaf tea? No, Waitrose Earl Grey.
Milk jug? Little one.
Price? £1.45 for tea and £1.30 for the bear claw.
Cake? Yes – danish pastries, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, chocolates and more.
Go again? Yes.