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Wimpy, Swanage

5 Institute Road, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 1BT.   (View on map)

Breakfast, tea and poetry at Wimpy

As we were on holiday we decided to go out for breakfast and headed to the Wimpy that we had seen the day before. Neither of us had seen a Wimpy restaurant for years and got overly excited at the idea of going in, but hadn’t wanted to go in for tea and cake so had held back until breakfast the next day. We just liked the fact the Wimpy serves you fast food on proper plates.

The breakfast was good, better than we were expecting and my mushrooms were very tasty and obviously freshly fried. My favourite part of the meal was the poem on the paper napkin about burgers, in association with Reading for Life (which now seems to be called Words for Life).

Teapot? Yes, a little metal one each.
Leaf tea? No, with a drawstring Tetley tea bag. R had not encountered these before so I had a fun 10 seconds teaching him how to use one.
Milk jug? No, those plastic pots.
Price? £1.30 for tea, £4.95 for a Great Wimpy Breakfast (mine cost an extra 45p on top of this as I had mushrooms instead of baked beans).
Cake? No, but milkshakes, teacakes and I think some waffles.
Go again? Probably not, but if it was the only place around then I wouldn’t be that unhappy as at least the tea comes in a pot.