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Wilton Windmill

Wilton, near Marlborough, Wiltshire

R and tea and the glorious Wilton Windmill

R and tea and the glorious Wilton Windmill

I was very excited to get to Wilton Windmill. We’d driven past the brown sign advertising it on the way to visit other tea places in Marlborough and attempted to get to it but taken a wrong turning and given up. It’s a good thing that we didn’t find it when we tried as the mill is only open for visitors on Sundays 2-5pm.

We went back on this Sunday just to go to the windmill. You can wander round the outside and the lower floor for free or pay for a guided tour up inside. We paid and it was well worth it. It still works and you can buy flour that has been ground in the mill.

When we arrived I walked round trying to work out where the best place would be to take a photo of tea with the mill in the background. The picnic tables were my first choice but the sails were on the other side of the tower to the picnic tables so I couldn’t get it all in one shot. Oh well, I thought, I’ll take two photos.

Inside the mill we learnt that the cap (the white bit on top) is on rollers and turns round automatically to face the wind. We were assured that it wouldn’t move as it wasn’t windy enough, but when we were up there things started rumbling and slowly cogs and beams moved round as we were listening to the guide, visitors ducking when one came to near to them, sails swooping past windows. When we emerged from the darkness of the mill it was glorious sunshine and the sails had moved to align themselves so I could take the perfect photo. Sails and tea all in one shot.

Teapot? No.
Leaf tea? Teabag in a mug, with a spoon to fish it out when you want.
Milk jug? Yes, big one.
Price? An amazing 80p per mug.
Cake? Some wrapped biscuits but you can also buy flour, bookmarks, posters, tea towels, aprons and postcards of the windmill.
Go again? Yes.